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Laminating & Edgefolding Machines

The scope of delivery are machines that finish floor carpets with laminating and edge folding. The concurent process of heating and pressing speeds up the production of carpet parts.

Overall description

Press Machine

  • Stroke: 1000mm
  • Speed: 250/250 mm/s (down/up)
  • Table size: 1300x720mm
  • Minimal height of tool: 600mm


  • Stroke: 1000mm / 600mm (horizontal / vertical)
  • Speed: 500 / 60 mm/s (horizontal / vertical)


  • Infrared emitters Heraeus Golden 8
  • Medium-wave Carbon 2000 W / 230V / 1000mm
  • 12x on heating box / 4x on manipulator
  • Control by time / by temperature (pyrometer)



  1. Operator A inserts carpet (on lower tool)
  2. Start of the process
  3. Manipulator brings preheated carrier and puts down onto carpet with high accuracy
  4. Pressing
  5. Laminating
  6. Edgefolding – jaws fold the carpet edges afterwards are fixed.
  7. Cooling
  8. Operator A  takes out the part
  • Hydraulic press: 15 t
  • Tool dimension: 1300x1200x600 mm
  • Heating: Infrared Heraeus Golden 8
  • 2 axis manipulator
  • Operating system: Siemens S7
  • Safety: Light courtains Sick
  • aluminium cast tool for laminating
  • jaws for edge folding (pneu-mechanical driving in 2 axes)
  • water cooling
  • the tool is fastened to press by screws

Example 1

Example 2 (design and final tool)

  • VW Load Floor 

  • Ford Load Floor
  • BMW/AUDI Load Floor
  • Volvo Load Floor

Layout Design

Process Flow

Operator B inserts carrier.

Operator A inserts the floor carpet.

Operator A takes out the finnished floor carpet.

Process Flow

    1. Operator B inserts carrier.
    2. Operator A inserts the floor carpet.
    3. Operator A takes out the finnished floor carpet.

Realized Projects